HOLZNER Parquet Primer

HOLZNER Parquet ECO – acrylic-polyurethane varnish for surface coating of parquet and wood floors indoors with moderate to medium load. It is an environmentally friendly water-based varnish, odorless, dries quickly, does not change the color of wood, creates a durable coating that provides reliable protection against mechanical damage. The varnish can be used to cover furniture, stairs, doors, decorative and other elements of wood.

To be used in conjunction with a primer or applied directly to a wooden surface.

Apply the next layer: 3-4 hours

Grinding: 8-12 hours

Light load: 24 hours

Full operation: 7 days

Application temperature: + 15 ° C – + 25 ° C

Application: roller, brush

Packing: 5L