Додатки PercoTop®

HOLZNER Parquet PRO 2K – is a high-strength, two-component polyurethane-based varnish for professional use. Designed using the latest microwave particle amplification technology. The accelerated set of durability allows earlier introduction of a covering in full operation. The highest wear resistance and resistance to chemicals allow the application of varnish in rooms with the highest requirements for coverage and very high levels of load.

Can be used in conjunction with a primer or applied directly to a tree.

Apply the next layer: 3-4 hours

Grinding: 8-12 hours

Light load: 24 hours

Full operation: 5 days

Application temperature: + 15 ° C – + 25 ° C

Application: roller, brush

Packing: 5L (A) + 0.5L (B)